Mitch the Geek

Geek for Hire

For over 25 years, Mitch the Geek has worked with individuals and businesses of all kinds to help everyone get the most out of their technology.

Whether it's about keeping your office tech running smoothly, ensuring your business data is secure and in-sync, or fulfilling your regulatory obligations, Mitch has the patience, personality, and experience to keep it comprehensible.

Business and Home Services


Your Part-Time, Full-Time IT Guy

If you've ever wanted a tech-support person knowledgable about you and your business and familiar with your staff but don’t need that person full-time, I'm your geek.

Service Summary

I can handle virtually all of your home & office technology needs, including:

  • Wired & Wireless Networks

  • Computers

  • Entertainment Systems

  • Cloud Storage, Syncing & Backup

  • Dealing with Photos & Movies

  • Creating & Managing Business Security & Compliance

  • Hardware & Software Installation (& Removal)

  • Remote & Onsite Support (whenever you need it)

  • General Troubleshooting (not limited to tech)

I document everything I do and provide you with regular assessments of your office infrastructure so you are always in command and can be as self-sufficient as you’d like.

Call or email for an an estimate, appraisal, or answer.

Even if I’m unable to help you personally, I can usually find someone who can.


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