Mitch the Geek

Geek for Hire

For over 25 years, Mitch the Geek has worked with individuals and businesses of all kinds to help everyone get the most out of their technology.

Whether it's about keeping your office tech running smoothly, ensuring your business data is secure and in-sync, or fulfilling your regulatory obligations, Mitch has the patience, personality, and experience to keep it comprehensible.

On-Site Support



As much as I like to accomplish from my home office, there is some work that requires a visit and I'm happy to oblige.

Such work includes:

  • Hardware Setup, Troubleshooting, & Repair

  • Cybersecurity Compliance or other Group Presentations

  • Configuring & Tuning Wireless Networks

  • Building & Testing Wired Networks

  • Entertainment System/Remote System Programming

  • Home or Office Security or Automation Setup

But could include just about anything else. Drop me a line at and let me know what you have in mind for a free estimate.


Onsite work is billed at a flat rate of $120 an hour with half hour minimum for work in the city.

But, if you're willing to subsidize my travel, I'll go wherever you need me, from Portland to Auckland.


(All Photos ©2019 Mitchell Sanford Harris)