Mitch the Geek

Geek for Hire

For over 25 years, Mitch the Geek has worked with individuals and businesses of all kinds to help everyone get the most out of their technology.

Whether it's about keeping your office tech running smoothly, ensuring your business data is secure and in-sync, or fulfilling your regulatory obligations, Mitch has the patience, personality, and experience to keep it comprehensible.

Remote Support



With easy to set up screen-sharing software, there's hardly anything I can't do remotely including:

  • Tech Support

  • Virus Removal (In Most Cases)

  • Software Troubleshooting & Repair

  • One-On One Instruction

  • Purchasing Assistance

  • General Consulting and Q&A


In order to handle Remote Appointments, I have a TeamViewer license and two Mitch the Geek custom-branded support tools for my clients.

User Initiated Support Software:

For my standard remote software with which you can set up individual remote sessions with me to share your screen, click here.


This software only works when you are present to start it and terminates during log-off, reboot, or simply quitting the application.

Unattended Support Software:

For my hosted software which will allow me unattended access from startup to shut down with just a password, click here:


This software boots with your computer and gives me access as long as your computer is turned on. It allows me to support your office computers even when you're away and do troubleshooting that requires I log out and log back in (such as reboots or long-term support contracts).


Remote work is billed at a flat rate of $90 an hour with a minimum of a twenty minutes (for only $30).


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